Serbian Soccer Is Nuts … No Literally, A Player Flashed His Genitals At An Opposing Player

Yeah, that’s going to be a hefty fine and half.

TW: Rape

Tuesday’s Serbian Cup final between Red Star Belgrade and Partizan provided viewers with a lot more than they bargained for. The Belgrade derby offered taunting, a pathetic fight and a guy whipping out his genitals at the opposing goalkeeper.

How on Earth did the game get to that point? The tensions between the two sides flared up the day before when Partizan goalkeeper Vladimir Stojkovic had a bizarre quote during a press conference.

“Whatever happens tomorrow, I'll be at fault. Let everything fall on my shoulders,” Stojkovic said. “It's me you should rape if we don't win the Cup. No pressure for teammates. It's all on me.”

Quite an odd choice of words from the 37-year-old Serbian.

The game finished 0-0 and went to penalty kicks. Stojkovic got into a scuffle with Red Star’s Nikola Krstovic after one of the spot kicks.

This flop is painful to watch.

Red Star finished the penalty shootout victorious and celebrated its first Serbian Cup championship since 2012.

NSFW Content Ahead

Then came the genitalia. Red Star right back Mark Gobeljic had remembered the Partizan goalkeeper’s rape comments from the day before. Gobeljic ran up to the defeated goalkeeper and revealed his genitals in a taunt suggesting that Gobeljic was there to rape him after losing.

No punishments have been handed out yet. A lengthy ban should be expected for such an act.

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