This Outrageous Goalkeeper Did A Double Zidane Roulette Inside His Own Box

It takes confidence to pull off a skill move if you're a goalkeeper. You have to know, deep in your heart, that you are good enough to execute it successfully, because if you do not, you are entering a world of pain. Even the simple Cruyff turn can end in disaster with the slightest of mis-touches.

And that, friends, is what makes this video so impressive. The Zidane roulette is not an easy move to attempt, even for an attacking player in the field. For a goalie to do it, much less do it twice, inside his own box, well that just warms my cold, black heart.


This video is the best thing that has happened to me today. That is not an exaggeration. The hot water is out in my apartment. Watch the video again and think warm thoughts for me.

(H/T Deadspin)

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