Must-Watch: Short Film 'Nefta Football Club' Is Hilarious And Wildly Entertaining

If you’ve got 15 minutes to spare during today's commute or lunch break (you know what, it’s a Monday, just watch it at your desk), you should spend it watching this short film entitled “Nefta Football Club” by Yves Piat.

It’s got everything: comedy, suspense, soccer and a brilliant ending. The film was released back in 2018 but it’s just come out on Vimeo. To date, it’s scored nearly 50 prestigious film awards, including a silver medal at the Manhattan Short festival and the Best Comedy prize at Aspen Shortsfest.  

The Riyad Mahrez-loving younger brother crossing the border from Tunisia to Algeria in order to “piss in Mahrez’s country” is now one of my favorite lines in all of film.

NEFTA FOOTBALL CLUB by Yves Piat (EN/FR) from Les Valseurs on Vimeo.

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