Should We Just Relegate Southampton Now After Pathetic 9-0 Defeat?

Leicester City broke the Premier League record for largest road win with its 9-0 butchering of Southampton on Friday. 

After one Leicester goal, Saints midfielder Ryan Bertrand was sent off with a red card. But how many goals do we excuse for being down one?

Jaime Vardy’s Foxes wasted no time scoring in the first 10 minutes just before the red card was issued. From there on, Leicester would toy with the Saints. 

The team would go up 5-0 at the half and still not let up.


Vardy and Ayoze Pérez both picked up individual hat tricks while Ben Chilwell, Youri Tielemans and James Maddison all had one goal.

Ayoze Pérez would be subbed off after his hat trick, but Vardy stayed in for his. Two of the striker’s goals came in extra time of each half. And with a PK in the last seconds of the game up eight, why not grab the hat trick and win by nine for an EPL record?


Southampton is still looking for its first home win this season, but it came a near dozen goals short of a point in Friday’s EPL matchup with Leicester.

The Saints have barely escaped the claws of relegation the past two seasons after some promising finishes in the years prior. But now with this loss under the belt they may be automatically placed in 21st on the EPL tables. 

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