Rare Sighting Of Luis Suarez Getting A Taste Of His Own Medicine

The release of Puma’s new cleat collection called for dope lighting, fresh kicks and entertainment. In Berlin, the Puma fam had freestylers and professionals showing off their skills and making the new gear look even better. 

Barcelona’s Luis Suarez met Paris’ Lisa Zimouche and learned a thing or two. Lisa is a 19-year-old street freestyler who can do some mesmerizing tricks with the ball. Freestyling in the streets to going against pro super star Luis Suarez is definitely a dream come true.

Obviously she had to make the best of this opportunity due to her track record of nutmegs; 11 out of 10 times she will find a way to get the ball between your legs and successfully meg you. Or in freestyle terms she will panna you. 

New levels were definitely met when these two went one-on-one. 


Everyone knows the ultimate way to get embarrassed is by getting megged. Not only did Lisa nutmeg Suarez, but she also had his head spinning by her fancy footwork. Suarez did his best to keep his eye on the ball and once he went in with the toe poke it was game over. However, he did make up for it with his juggling and balancing neck skills. 

So thanks Lisa for showing us that pros are just like the rest of us and can get megged.

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1v1 with @luissuarez9 !  Who wants to see the video? @pumafootball  #NewLevels

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