Which Country Should You Support Based On The Volkswagen Commercial?

If you live in the United States and have been watching the World Cup, you probably have seen a number of countries stake their claim as to why you should support them in a Volkswagen World Cup commercial. Considering the United States failed to qualify, Volkswagen thought people in the U.S. should follow a team. 

But, the question is: Who makes the most compelling argument? Well, we’ve taken the liberty to rank the nations based on who we thought made the most compelling arguments during a Volkswagen World Cup commercial. 

If you haven't seen the commercials yet, take a look at the two main ones here. Now you can make a proper decision. You're welcome.

Volkswagen World Cup Commercial
Screenshot | Volkswagen USA YouTube

Iceland has the lowest population of all the teams at the World Cup, but the team plays with plenty of heart and hustle.

The low population is noted by Iceland’s two fans in the car, as they need your support because they don’t have enough people to do the wave. Is that convincing enough for you? Didn’t think so. They could say that Birkir Bjaranson looks like Thor, but instead the stupid wave is more important than that.

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Sorry Iceland, but you still won’t have enough people to do the wave.

Volkswagen World Cup Commercial
Screenshot | Volkswagen USA YouTube

The Swiss are undefeated so far at the World Cup heading into Wednesday, with a big draw against Brazil and a come-from-behind victory against Serbia, which saw plenty of controversy.

So, why should you support the Swiss? Well, they invented the Swiss Army Knife. Should that be the sole reason we support the Swiss? They have their own type of cheese, and that’s pretty impressive. Obviously a Swiss Army Knife is very useful, but not as useful as Xherdan Shaqiri. Switzerland, you need to be a bit more convincing than that.

Volkswagen World Cup Commercial
Screenshot | Volkswagen USA YouTube

This one is honestly quite ironic. Argentina at this World Cup has failed to meet expectations, with Lionel Messi looking a shadow of his regular self. Argentina’s argument is that they are so passionate and they argue about everything.

With a reported player coup and revolt and just about every other crazy situation you can think of, it shows that Argentinians really do argue about everything. Even the argument from the players that their manager shouldn’t be there. 

Volkswagen World Cup Commercial
Screenshot | Volkswagen USA YouTube

Belgium on the field is flying, with eight goals in two matches. Lukaku and Hazard have been terrorizing the opposition, with Lukaku currently in second place for the Golden Boot.

Belgium’s argument is that it hosts the world’s biggest electronic dance festival, and for those who aren’t in the know, the festival is called Tomorrowland. Belgium could equal that claim with the world’s best soccer team if it wins the World Cup, and that makes for a pretty good duo.

Maybe the players will celebrate at Tomorrowland if they win. Plus, Hans is the driver’s lighting guy, and he seems like a pretty cool guy who can set the mood. 

Volkswagen World Cup Commercial
Screenshot | Volkswagen USA YouTube

Die Mannschaft haven't really looked too good at the World Cup, with a loss to Mexico and then a scrappy win against Sweden leaving them with a bit of work to do in their final group game on Wednesday.

But our friendly German in the Volkswagen offers a very enticing reason — they gave us the Frankfurter sausage. It might just be us, but thinking of a warm Frankfurter makes us feel like Homer Simpson. “Mmmmm, donuts.” Now we’re hungry. 

Volkswagen World Cup Commercial
Screenshot | Volkswagen USA YouTube

Brazil is looking to avenge its performance at the last World Cup, and with a fully fit Neymar pulling the strings, it is very possible it could win it all.

The Brazil fan shows off plenty of trophies in the trunk of the car, showing off how successful this damn team is. Plus, there is clearly more room to fit another World Cup. If this isn’t the best reason to support a team at the World Cup, then we don’t know what else you need to make an informed decision.

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