Your Daily Reminder Of How Absurdly Good Lionel Messi Is — In Nutmeg Form

Valencia’s José Gayà was nutmegged so hard he fell down.

We all know Lionel Messi is brilliant. Sometimes, though, we just need a reminder. José Gayà was our guinea pig to give us a reminder of how clever the little Argentine is with a superb Messi nutmeg of the Valencia defender during the Copa del Rey semifinals on Thursday. 

Poor José Gayà. Messi was so casual and nonchalant before leaving Gayà on the floor wondering what the hell happened. 

Like a snake waiting to strike, Messi lures in Gayà’s challenge before jetting away, but not before embarrassing the Valencia left back with a nutmeg. Here's another angle.

Barcelona won the match 2-0 to advance 3-0 on aggregate to play Sevilla in the final. Philippe Coutinho’s debut goal (thanks to a brilliant assist from Luis Suarez, who also assisted the Brazilian’s first goal at Liverpool) was the moment of the match, but for everyone but Gayà, the Messi nutmeg was the highlight of the match.

Valencia comes to Camp Nou on April 15. Gayà may want to call in sick that day. 

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