PSG's Layvin Kurzawa Has Lost His Damn Mind

It appears as though he's suffering from major football withdrawals.

A world without football is a world gone mad. That's the exact case with Layvin Kurzawa as he's clearly lost his mind after posting the most horrifying TikTok video I've seen in some time. I pray the Kurzawa TikTok saga doesn’t last too long.

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TikTok and football have had some of the oddest cross-overs of late. Kurzawa’s baby screams are bizarre, but nothing quite beats the fact that Neymar’s mom has the hots for a TikTok star.

Other than that, several other footballers have been joining the latest, and questionably greatest, social media app. Christian Pulisic made his not so graceful debut and now James Rodriguez has joined the fray.

The more footballers I see on this app, the more I want to scream like Kurzawa for the return of football. 


I guess just shove more of footballers doing dance challenges down my throat and I shall comply.

Please return soon, football. Tell COVID to GO-VID. Send help.

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