Six Things To Do During The International Break

Many people find it hard to enjoy international breaks. Clubs don’t play during the weekend so you can’t get your fantasy team or your club football fix in general. Even with the new international competitions made to keep the breaks more entertaining and relevant, club football can leave behind a kind of withdrawal. Lucky for you, The18 has compiled a list of things you can do to survive the international break without dying.

Six Things To Do During The International Break

1. Venture Outside Into The Scary Wilderness That Is The Outdoors

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Sometimes the best remedy is nature, right?

The outdoors are perfect for stepping away from technology for a little bit to get more in touch with yourself. Just don’t stumble onto a soccer pitch, otherwise that may remind you of the very thing you were not supposed to think about. Also, try not to think too much out there in general; your mind may stumble back to the reality that you aren’t getting points for your fantasy team this weekend.

If your mind does go astray and you can’t stop thinking about soccer, nature is a great place to scream with reckless abandon.

2. Cry

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Self explanatory.

3. Play FIFA

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For some, FIFA can soothe the soul. If you have the time, start a new career in career mode. Or play FIFA Ultimate Team with your best squad. If someone with a In-Form Kylian Mbappé card scores a bicycle kick on you in the last minute relegating you to Division 2, you’re free to throw your controller out the window. No, I’m not speaking from experience.

4. Complain On Twitter

Twitter LOVES the international break. Kidding. Twitter hates the international break so much that professional football teams’ Twitter admins moan about it too.

Why not contribute to the commiseration?

5. Get A Degree In Molecular Biology

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I don’t know. Maybe it’ll be more interesting.

6. Cave In And Avidly Watch The International Matches

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Qualification for the Euros starts on the 21st, and since the Euros are a great in-between tournament for World Cups, it’s in your best interest to watch them.

Or if you don’t want to watch because you don’t care about the Euros, have fun being sad, I guess.

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