Help This Bundesliga Referee Find The Penalty Spot

He cannot find it. Please help him.

During Sunday's Bundesliga match between Cologne and Freiburg, the referee called a penalty for Cologne. The only problem was no one could find the penalty spot. So where is it? We think we can figure it out.

Here are some suggestions for where the referee could look:

-In the couch cushions

-Under the bed

-In the garage

-In the attic

-In the Upside Down (that's a Stranger Things joke, I think. I have no way of knowing. I have not seen Stranger Things.)

-In a cave guarded by a cyclops

-In the realm of possibility

-In the Elephant Graveyard

-Down in the sewer. A creepy clown appears to have found it

-In Jumanji

-Hidden in Marouane Fellaini's afro

-Hidden in plain sight

-Deep within the Mariana Trench

-In a safe-deposit box

-In a secret offshore bank account

-It was there all along

-In penalty spot jail for some kind of penalty spot crime

-In a faraway country, with a new name, a new passport and a new life

-In the Bat Cave

-In Narnia

-In Mike Ashley's fireplace

-In the junk drawer

-In that Labyrinth at the end of True Detective Season 1

-In the boot room

-Everybody check your pockets

-In a small child's imagination

-In a hollowed-out volcano

-At the offices of

-In the dark web

-Wherever Freddy Adu went

-Wherever Waldo is

-Wait what's that


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