Watch Cristiano Ronaldo Try Too Hard And Hilariously Fail

We present to you the ultimate compilation of Cristiano Ronaldo's funniest dives and skill fails.

We all know this: Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best football players in history.

He has given unquestionable proof of it with a monster bycicle kick against Juventus in the UCL quarterfinals.

However, Ronaldo has a personality that not everyone loves. In fact, many soccer fans kind of hate him in spite of his unquestionable quality.

Whether we like him or not, we simply have to admit the man can play. Moreover, we need to acknowledge his legacy in soccer will not be forgotten.

And yet, like all humans, Cristiano has had some embarrassing moments playing the beautiful game.

Cristiano Ronaldo fails

Not always is everything mellow for CR7 Photo: @thefastest11 | Twitter

Early in his career, Ronaldo dazzled the world with his skills, speed and goal-scoring capability.

As the years went by Cristiano, like every mortal, lost speed. 

He currently doesn't try to dribble as wildly or as often as he used to.

However, every now and then he can still amaze us with a crazy skill combo.

Something good about Ronaldo trying so hard to be the best is that sometimes he just tried too hard, and failed miserably.

Cristiano Ronaldo Fails

Cristiano Ronaldo fails. Photo: @RevoladosSports | Twitter

Among many enviable things, Ronaldo is also famous for diving. So much so that many people call him 'Penaldo,' meaning he has scored a good deal of his career's goals via penalty kick. The haters will say many of this penalty kicks were conceded mistakenly after a classic Cristiano Ronaldo flop.

So with all that said, we decided to make a compilation of Ronaldo's most hilarious fails.

Cristiano Ronaldo Fails

Dribbling is not for everyone. Even the very best fail sometimes.

Sometimes kicking the ball is just too hard. But hey, at least he's not a baseball batter.

Bicycle kicks can be a nightmare.

And trying to deceive the ref doesn't always pay off.

When even Ronaldinho would be ashamed ...

All we can say is: Soccer is hard.

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