Nike’s Most Adaptive Boot Yet: The Phantom GT FlyEase

Orlando Pride defender Carson Pickett paired with Nike to create this awesome boot.

Carson Pickett is exactly what fans expect out of a women’s soccer player in the NWSL. Whether she is putting in work on the field or putting in work to advocate for limb difference awareness, Pickett is a great role model.

Pickett became largely known when a photo of her with a young boy went viral on Twitter.

There’s no skipping over the obvious. Pickett was born without a left forearm, but that does not define her. At one point, Pickett had felt frustration that her story revolved around the fact she is missing an arm. But there’s a bigger picture to it that she eventually came to realize.

"I can do so much more than just be a good soccer player, and that I could advocate for something much bigger than soccer," Pickett said.

After club team Orlando Pride withdrew from the NWSL Challenge Cup because of positive Covid-19 tests, Pickett took to off-the-pitch brilliance.

Pickett paired with Nike to create a groundbreaking cleat — the Phantom GT FlyEase. The cleat features a fold-down heel for easy entry and a wrap-around strap closure instead of laces. 

Pickett said laces were always a struggle for her. 

“Tying my shoes was almost impossible, it did seem impossible, but I overcame it," she said.

By creating such a boot Pickett hopes younger athletes will be able to overcome the struggle with laces. 

Maybe someday little Joseph Tidd will be able to use these boots when he takes the field.

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