The Bean-Bag Onesie Would Revolutionize The Touchline Coaching Experience

We need to get one of these to André Villas-Boas ASAP.

When it comes to touchline fashion, the game runs a pretty wide gamut from the track suits favored by the likes of Maurizio Sarri to the beloved hooded cardigan of Pep Guardiola. I believe, however, that we’re on the verge of another major transformation in managerial style — one that would require André Villas-Boas to swap his preferred trench coat for a bean-bag onesie.

Villas-Boas, the current Marseille coach, had a hallmark approach to watching games during his time with Chelsea and Tottenham. He’d crouch to the level of a wiener dog, putting an incredible strain on his knees in the process, to best see his high defensive line get eviscerated.

Think of how much more comfortable he’d be on the sideline at the Stade Vélodrome — and how much more respect he’d command from Dimitri Payet — if he were clad in this fern-colored onesie and looking something like Eden Hazard.

Beanbag Onesie

Photo: ThinkGeek

For a manager like José Mourinho that's struggling to connect with millennial cohorts, walking into the first meeting at his new club with this on would be so much more effective than just slamming his eight league medals on the table. This lets the players know that you mean business, whenever and wherever. 

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