58 Seconds Of Shite Football That Will Make Arsenal Fans Forget All About Xhakastrophic Cechtastrophies

Ayr United has had some shocking blunders this year.

Arsenal fans know all about catastrophic blunders in defense this year. From Granit Xhaka completely switching off to Petr Cech whiffing on a kick, the Gunners’ defensive frailty is terrifying — and that’s just the Swansea game. But Ayr United in Scotland has Arsenal beat for ineptitude at the back. This video is just under a minute long, but it’s 58 seconds of the worst football you’ll watch this year. 

This is no blooper reel; blooper reels have goofy music and a playful tone and are meant to elicit laughter and mirth. This is a haunting howler film, created to evoke tears and anguish. The black-and-white images combine with a melancholic piano to create the feeling of utter helplessness in the face of the worst football imaginable. 

There are goalie gaffes, defensive miskicks, absurd own goals and, for good measure, a penalty kick blasted straight out of the stadium. The last clip, with the ball rolling past an apparently armless goalkeeper slowly into the back of the net, pretty much sums up how Arsenal fans feel about away fixtures this year. 

Worst Football

Ayr United has played some of the worst football ever in defense this season. Photo: @dgxwasp | Twitter

Surprisingly enough, Ayr United is in second place in Scottish League One, the third tier of Scottish football. The club has been porous defensively, allowing 13 more goals than first-place Raith, but the team’s offense (when not hitting PKs into the stands) has produced 18 more goals than the next-best team.

Is Arsene Wenger secretly coaching Ayr United too? Probably not, because the Scottish club is actually in the top four, unlike the Gunners, who are likely to miss out on Champions League play again unless they stop acting like Ayr United. 

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