The World Cup Drinking Game To Play With Your Friends

There are a lot of games at the World Cup, people. There are 64 to be precise. And I’m willing to bet (and really hope) that at some point you’ll have a nice cold brewski in your hands during one of these games. So why not play a World Cup drinking game?

Sure, the games are early. But I’m here to ease your guilt. There is no judgement here. The World Cup comes around every four years, and if you want to booze in the early morning while watching soccer, which is really the only way to watch the sport, then you do it.

Feel free to play with bloody marys, mimosas or any of these legendary World Cup cocktails.

World Cup Drinking Game Rules

2018 World Cup Drinking Game Rules

FIRST: Pick a team in the match you are watching.

One Sip:

  • Goal kick
  • A TV shot of the Russian landscape
  • Gratuitous shot of random (good-looking) World Cup female fans
  • Corner kick
  • Any time Fox messes something up
  • When your team flops
  • When your team fouls someone

Two Sips:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo takes his shirt off
  • Yellow card issued to someone on your team
  • When your team hits the post
  • Celebrity sighting on the TV
  • Any reference to the 2026 World Cup being in the USA/Canada/Mexico
  • If Putin shows up on screen

Chug Your Beer

  • Any mention of the USA not qualifying for the World Cup
  • Red card on your team
  • If your team scores a free kick golazo (you gotta celebrate)
  • Keeper joins the attack

As always, please drink responsibly. Stay tuned for our World Cup Drinking Game for the final!

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