The 10 Best (Or Maybe Worst) Names For Miami’s New MLS Team

Major League Soccer is finally coming back to Miami, made official by Monday’s announcement by the league and some fellow named David Beckham. But we still don’t know the new Miami MLS team name. 

Here are some potential names we hope Becks seriously considers for his new team when it launches in a couple years. 

Miami MLS Team Name Suggestions

Miami Pitbulls

Miami MLS Team Name

It's Pitbull and a soccer ball. A match made in Miami heaven. Photo: @eileenperez305 | Twitter

The South Beach counter to the New York Red Bulls.

Miami Humidity

So locals can complain: “It’s not the Heat that’s so bad, it’s the Humidity.” Yeah it’s an old Rick Reilly joke, but I think we can reapply it here.

Vice City Mambas

Miami MLS Team Name

Kobe Bryant approves. Photo: @made6in9belgium | Twitter

An obscure reference to an American football team in a video game series? Sounds good to us.

Miami Fever

Sticking with the Grand Theft Auto references, Fever 105 was the best station from GTA Vice City. Plus, I hear it's hot in Miami. 

Miami Spice

Miami MLS Team Name

It works on so many levels! Photo: @HashtagSpiruli | Twitter

It’s a play on Miami Vice and Beckham’s wife Posh Spice. How clever!

Beck Ham United

Already better than West Ham.

Miami Mojitos

Miami MLS Team Name

Alcohol and alliteration go together like soccer and beaches. Photo: @Bekkiii_19 | Twitter

Who couldn’t use a mojito or six while watching MLS action? And full points for alliteration. 

Hotline Miami

Based on the second-best game created around Miami

Miami Fission

Not as powerful as fusion, but it requires less energy to produce and has more staying power. 

Miami Dolphins

Miami MLS Team Name

Leaked photos of the new Miami MLS team's boots. Photo: @Team_Merch | Twitter

So Miami can finally have a winning Dolphins football team.

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