Red Bull Salzburg Player Wears RB Leipzig Jersey During A Game, Gets Away With It

RB Leipzig is a German club newly-promoted to the German Bundesliga. Red Bull Salzburg is an Austrian club that won the Austrian Bundesliga this season.

They are not the same team.

Looking at their jerseys, though, one could be forgiven for thinking they are. 

Nike, apparently, made the jerseys for RB Leipzig and Red Bull Salzburg and made them nearly identical. The crest is slightly different (because the team names are different).

This wouldn't be an issue normally, as the teams play in different leagues, but Red Bull Salzburg left back Andreas Ulmer wore a RB Leipzig shirt Tuesday in the second half of a Champions League qualifier (apparently during the first half he was wearing a Salzburg shirt).


For those wondering if all the Red Bull-owned teams simply dress alike, the answer is no. The jerseys New York Red Bulls wear are significantly different from those worn by RB Leipzig and Red Bull Salzburg.

Whoever's responsible for the laundry at these clubs better be extra vigilant this season, as there might be other teams' jerseys trying to sneak onto the field.

(H/T FOX Soccer)

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