Vinícius Jr. Puts Fernandinho To Shame With Fabulous Nutmeg — Guardiola Can't Believe It

Wow! That was a roller coaster. Manchester City and Real Madrid gifted the world a nerve-wracking first semifinal in the Champions League. Yes, the English club got the win, but in the long list of highlights, it is impossible not to talk about Vinícius Jr.'s goal, a beautiful display of pace and skill. The best of the seven we witnessed Tuesday night. 

Vinicius Jr goal vs. Manchester City

The Brazilian winger scored in the 55th minute, in a sequence where he should have been fined for speeding. 

With Real Madrid down 3-1, Vinicius dragged Fernandinho to the midfield line, and then he put him to shame. First, letting the ball go between his legs and then destroying him with his pace. 

Basically, the harsh difference between a 21-year-old and someone like Fernandinho in his mid-30s. 

Look at that nutmeg, again...

... and Guardiola's reaction. He cannot believe it.

With the field open, Vinicius just ran toward Manchester City's box and with a subtle touch defeated Ederson to score a beauty. 

The world reacted in awe after Vinicius' exhibition of talent, but no one went far as Spanish Diario AS, comparing the winger with none other than Pelé. 

Maybe a little too far.

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