Angry Fans Are Threatening Mexico With THAT Homophobic Chant In Game Against USMNT: Here’s Why

The game vs. the United States could become a new nightmare for Mexican soccer in its war against the homophobic chant — "eeeh, puto!" — if local fans commit to social media campaigns calling to boycott the Mexican Football Federation.

Under the hashtags #GritaPuto and #MexicoSinMundial, several groups of supporters have shown their discontent with the local soccer authorities on a variety of subjects. These range from the expensive tickets to the game against the USMNT ($54 for the cheapest tickets, almost four times more than usual) to the — what they consider — soft punishments applied to Club Querétaro after the massive brawl that erupted at La Corregidora Stadium at the beginning of March, among others.

The angry fans want to teach a lesson to the FMF, and they think that going with the "eeeh, puto!" is the perfect way to protest, because it will make a dent in the FMF pockets, and it could ruin their position as a host in the 2026 World Cup. 

In the past, FIFA has sanctioned Mexico on several occasions because of the homophobic chant, forcing the country to pay hefty fines and even playing behind closed doors. FIFA also has warned FMF of harsher punishments if its fans keep misbehaving. 

FMF's president, Yon de Luisa, is aware of the social media campaigns and promised a firm hand against those who dare to utter the chant. 

"I have already seen some tweets about it," he said to W Deportes. "We have been threatened in the past, and it would not be the first nor the last time. If someone wants to yell puto, that person will be taken out. Do you really want to do it? Then forget about attending to a stadium ever again."

Recently, the FMF announced a plan to get rid of the homophobic chant that includes a five-year ban on those caught in the crime. That plan also includes a Fan ID system that will allow identifying the fans who interrupt the healthy environment that should exist inside a soccer stadium. 

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And that Fan ID system will already be at work in the game against the U.S., so better think twice before saying something you don't want to say. 

Finally, it is worth saying that channeling fair concerns about the state of Mexican soccer and the violent incidents in Querétaro with a violent chant that promotes discrimination against gay people has zero fucking sense. 

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