FIFA Finally Grows A Pair And Punishes Mexico For Homophobic Chants From Fans

FIFA finally stepped in (not like Concacaf was going to) and punished Mexico for the continuous homophobic chants from fans on Friday. On top of a $65,000 fine, Mexico will be forced to play its first two home games of World Cup qualifying without fans. Officially, the punishment is due to the chants heard during Olympic qualifying.

FIFA and Concacaf have made small efforts in the past to stop the popular “ehh puto” chant from Mexico fans, but this is the first time a meaningful punishment has been doled out. Mexico tried several campaigns to discourage fans from using the chant, but those effort were ineffective.

The chant has still surfaced at the most recent games featuring Mexico. 

The Concacaf Nations League semifinal and final were momentarily stopped due to Mexico fans belting out the chant. The chant was also heard at Mexico’s games during Olympic qualifying. FIFA has been aware of the issue for a long time.

Mexico’s first two home games are against Jamaica and Canada. This will be a huge advantage for the two nations as away games in Mexico are the most challenging in all of Concacaf. 

Mexican National Team Response To Punishment

Mexican National Team President Yon de Luisa and manager Gerardo Martino had a press conference shortly after the punishments were announced.

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