New France Jersey Steals The Show In Nike's Drop For Women's Euro 2022

Gearing up for the upcoming Women's Euro 2022, Nike unveiled the new jerseys for the national teams of France, England and the Netherlands. The most striking design from the batch — with no doubt — is the home kit for the French, decorated with a magnificent floral print. 

Nike Women's Euro 2022 Jerseys

France Women's Euro 2022 Jerseys

Architecture and neoclassical art are the inspiration behind the new French home strip. All in a beautiful two-tone blue spiced up with vivid strokes of red. 

Looking for details, you can see the inscription "Les Bleus" printed over the red band on the sides, the message  "Our differences unite us" inside the neck and the French flag on one of the sleeves.

All for a superb outcome. 

The away jersey is way more straightforward. Very white, very clean, but also with a very charming touch of pink on the sides. 

England Women's Euro 2022 Jerseys

In general, the England national team shirts are white with no pattern. So it is surprising to see a texturized diamond-cut graphic over the new look of the Lionesses. Following the precious stone theme, the Nike logo and the English badge are both iridescent.

The away kit doesn't need a pattern because its eye-catching crimson is enough to stand out. 

Netherlands Women's Euro 2022 Jerseys

The contrast between orange and black is the most riveting element in the new jersey for the Dutch team. The concept behind the collection is the artistic movement known as De Stijl, whose leading exponent was Piet Mondrian. 

The idea is hidden on the black side stripes of the home kit, but it shines in the away kit with several blocks in red and blue over a white background.

The Nike Women's Euro 2022 jersey drop is not the first for the tournament. Last April, adidas displayed its own collection with some Spice Girls vibe. 

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