Peter Schmeichel Selling Bacon Is The Perfect Bad Soccer Commercial

Who knew the famous Dane could play a cello with goalkeeper gloves on?

More famous than our smartest minds, richer than our most corrupt politicians, footballers are the pinnacle of cultural relevance in today’s society, especially in Europe. All the best footballers have, at one time or another, been paid to appear in an advertisement to promote a product. So what is the best soccer commercial of all time? I submit for your viewing pleasure, Peter Schmeichel’s bacon promo.

We at The18 have long loved the proliferation of soccer commercials. It’s the perfect amalgamation of rampant, destructive capitalism and our favorite sport. From beautifully crafted adidas and Nike ads to weird Super Bowl spots and so, so many Mia Hamm commercials, I’m always fascinated by footballers telling me to buy things.

But the best soccer commercial? I think that might have to belong to former Manchester United and Denmark goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel. The iconic keeper won five Premier League titles and one Champions League with the Red Devils, plus brought home the 1992 European Championship under the unlikeliest of scenarios. 

He also brought home the bacon in this incredible commercial for the Danepak. 

Best Soccer Commercial

The costumes, the singing, the playing of musical instruments with goalkeeper gloves — I love all of it. It is the perfect combination of cringey product placement with enough self-awareness to know it’s silly.

Is it the best soccer commercial ever? That’s down to personal preference. But this one has to be on the list for zaniness alone. 

Speaking of puerile, I have to credit the goofy crew on the CBS Sports Network/Paramount+ Champions League coverage for unearthing this gem recently. Schmeichel is usually one of the more reserved pundits on the show, which could probably benefit from fewer giggles, but this was a great find. 

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