Scotland's Creepiest Mascot Ever

Scottish Premier League team Partick Thistle FC have unveiled their newest addition to the club. This is not a joke. The weird demonic looking yellow blob below is the new mascot of the Scottish club designed by Turner-prize nominated artist David Shrigley. 

Patrick Thistle FC's newest mascot

The unveiling of the new Patrick Thistle mascot. Photo: @CodeAndCommand | Twitter

Kingsley is the name of this odd creature who has a feint resemblance to Lisa Simpson if she were on some very strong drugs. The motivation behind creating a new mascot for Patrick Thistle was a new sponsorship deal with an investment company called Kingsford Capital Management.     

Kingsford Capital Brand Image

The actual brand logo of Kingsford Capital. Photo: @PortlandTimberr | Twitter

And the internet loves it.

New look for PT FC

Let the Photoshopping begin with this demonic looking mascot. Photo: @KaylaWr20470625 | Twitter

In all fairness, artist David Shrigley really didn’t have much to work with in order to make the real life mascot slightly less frightening. Shirgley commented on the unveiling of his work by saying, “As a Jags man it’s an honour to be involved with the club in this way. I can’t wait to see my design on the front of the shirts and around Firhill and just hope the fans like what we’re trying to do”. 

With the new partnership between Kingsford Capital Management and Partick Thistle FC, Jags supporters can expect to see this yellow, blobby, demonic, drug induced, Simpson looking mascot a lot more. 

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