Puzzling scenes as VAR overrules goal line technology to disallow Fiorentina goal

A bizarre Fiorentina disallowed goal vs. Braga confused just about everyone on Thursday when a VAR decision overruled goal line technology.

The introduction of technology to soccer has come with its problems, but most fans can agree the sport is in a better place now. Long past are the days of “no era penal” and Frank Lampard’s ghost goal vs. Germany. Goal line technology and VAR has seen to it that mistakes like those are incredibly rare nowadays.

Thursday’s Europa Conference League playoff was the first time in this writer’s experience that goal line technology and VAR disagreed on a goal.

In the 49th minute Arthur Cabral thought he had tied the game at 2-2. Cabral’s shot looked like it had been saved off the line, but then the referee pointed to his watch to show that the goal line technology system indicated the ball had fully crossed the line. 

The referee then went to the VAR monitor and would take away the goal. WTF?

Fiorentina disallowed goal vs. Braga

Funny enough, Cabral would score in the 83rd minute and for his celebration he mimicked the referee’s VAR decision but instead pointed for a goal. Elite humor from Cabral here.

In the end the disallowed goal didn’t impact the game too much as Fiorentina defeated Braga 7-2 on aggregate.

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