Watch: Only in TST will you see a goalkeeper score a goal by throwing the ball the length of the field

The second edition of The Soccer Tournament (TST) has produced several incredible moments this year. Forget everything you know about soccer because this 7v7 tournament has wild moments like goalkeepers scoring by throwing the ball the length of the field.

On Friday Raleigh Rebels FC goalkeeper Kenneth Perkinson had a moment he’ll never forget as he scored the game winning goal… with a THROW!

We’ll let you watch the clip and then explain what you just saw.

Goalkeeper goal TST

The former Winthrop University goalkeeper has a cannon of an arm!

If you’re new to TST then let us help you understand what just happened. The 7v7 tournament operates on a 65-yard by 45-yard field and it’s completely legal for goalkeepers to score with their hands if they can throw it that far.

TST also has a fun rule called “Target Score Time” where each game must end on goal after two 20-minute halves. For example, if the score ends 3-1 at the end of regulation, then the “Target Score” is four with the winning team needing just one more goal to win. If the trailing team gets to four goals first, then they win.

There’s another rule with Target Score Time. After each five minutes without a winner a player is pulled off the field from both teams. In the case of Raleigh Rebels, they had been playing 20 minutes without a winner meaning it was 3-on-3.

The opposing team had pulled their goalkeeper in attempt to get more goals but left their goal vulnerable to one giant throw.

The goal saw the Rebels defeat Toronto Athletic FC 5-3 and advance to the Round of 16. Unfortunately, the dream ended on Saturday as Perkinson and the Rebels fell 2-0 to Saturdays Football.

What a fun tournament.

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