Watch: Daniel Sturridge is all of us having to listen to Alexi Lalas talk on FOX

The Daniel Sturridge Alexi Lalas clip from FOX’s coverage of England vs. Denmark is absolute gold.

Sturridge is part of FOX’s coverage of Euro 2024, and you actually see the regret in his eyes on TV as he’s forced to sit next to Lalas. If there’s one thing most American fans can agree on it’s that listening to Lalas for too long can drive a person insane.

After England’s disappointing 1-1 draw with Denmark Lalas went on one of his usual rants. The former USMNT player brought up Justin Timberlake, British slang and had Sturridge’s eyes rolling like a car tire down a hill.

Daniel Sturridge Alexi Lalas clip

We’ve all been there having to listen to Lalas talk, Sturridge.

FOX’s “Summer of Soccer” includes coverage of the Euros and Copa América. There have already been several migraines including FOX airing games exclusively on Fubo while showing bass fishing on FS1.

Landon Donovan’s commentary and hair have also been hot topics FOX's showing of the Euros.

With Copa América beginning on Thursday we’ll be interested to see what FOX will do next.

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