FOX’s ‘Summer of Soccer’ begins with bass fishing instead of showing Switzerland vs. Hungary

FOX is broadcasting this summer’s European Championship and Copa América, bragging about showing the “Summer of Soccer.” Too bad they didn’t show literally the second game of the Euros.

American fans woke up Saturday morning expecting to tune into Group A’s second match between Switzerland and Hungary. Little did fans realize that the game was streaming exclusively on Fubo.

That’s right. FOX decided there just wasn’t any room on Fox, Fox Sports 1 or Fox Sports 2 to show the SECOND GAME OF THE EUROS.

Instead, FOX decided that professional bass pro fishing and a racing documentary were a better option to air. Fans vehemently responded to the decision.

FOX Euros broadcast shows fishing instead

Not cool, FOX.

For the fortunate fans that did get to watch on Fubo there was still a problem. The graphic showing the score and time didn’t show for the entire game. If someone tuned in at the 60-minute mark they would have no idea who was winning or what time it was unless they looked it up.

Fubo doesn't show score

The “Summer of Soccer” has started out as the “Summer of Shit.”

Be warned because this isn’t the only game that will stream exclusively on Fubo. Keep these games and dates in mind as they won’t be shown on any FOX channels.

Euro games FOX won't air

  • June 17: Romania vs. Ukraine
  • June 18: Turkey vs. Georgia
  • June 21: Slovakia vs. Ukraine
  • June 22: Georgia vs. Czechia

If there are any Georgia fans in the United States, then we share our condolences with you as FOX won’t air 66% of your team’s games. Summer of soccer!

As for the Switzerland vs. Hungary game the Swiss caught three bass while Hungary fell short catching just one bass.

FOX posting the highlights on social media while still not showing the game is really rubbing salt into the wound.

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