18-Year-Old Goes Full Superman On Ridiculous Scorpion Kick Goal

We’ll keep an eye on Racing’s Nicolás Meaurio over the coming years.

To Argentina’s reserve league we go for a Thursday morning match between Racing and Huracán, the site of two very good goals for the Avellaneda-based club.

The first was scored by 18-year-old Nicolás Meaurio. It’s a scorpion kick that takes on the form of a BMX Superman trick. It might lose a style point since the goalkeeper got his hand to it, but you can tell that the total unreasonableness of the effort caught him completely by surprise.    

Racing would win the match 3-0, and the second goal wasn’t bad either. This one is from 22-year-old Alan Ortíz, who beats two defenders on the dribble before cracking a 24-yard effort inside the far post. 

They know what they’re doing down in Argentina.