Sparta kicking an opponent in the face is apparently legal in AFC Asian Cup

Before reading this article, you must mentally prepare yourself to watch a brutal foul that doesn’t even get called.

This isn’t some gruesome tackle where a player’s leg gets snapped in half, but it’s still one that will have you wincing just watching it.

The painful sparta kick took place during Wednesday’s AFC Asian Cup match between Lebanon and China.

In the second half Lebanon’s Khalil Khamis cleared a ball with a high boot and China’s Dai Wai Tsun was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Lebanon kick to the face vs. China

Hospital pass! The referee didn’t even call a foul on this kick to the face.

Tsun was left bloodied by the cleat to the cheek but played the full 90 minutes which resulted in a 0-0 draw.

China sit second in Group A with two points behind already qualified Qatar. Lebanon and Tajikistan both have one point as it will be all to play for in the group stage finale.

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