Jason Kelce compares watching Messi in MLS with watching Michael Jordan on a golf course

NFL’s Jason Kelce just had a very interesting take on Lionel Messi playing in MLS and how it does not compare to him playing in Europe.

Inter Miami played Sporting Kansas City in the gigantic Arrowhead Stadium on April 13, making it one of the most highly attended MLS games of all time. Miami, with the help of a fantastic Lionel Messi goal from outside the box, came out victorious in front of 72,610 fans in Kansas City.

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A familiar face in Kansas City sports and one of the most famous athletes in the United States at the moment, Travis Kelce, also highlighted Messi's grand appearance at Arrowhead Stadium.

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The current Super Bowl champion was impressed by being able to watch one of the greatest players of all time live now that he's in MLS… sparking a bold take from brother Jason Kielce in their podcast.

Jason Kelce’s Messi-Jordan analogy

When Messi’s appearance at Arrowhead Stadium came into conversation in their New Heights Show podcast, Jason Kelce argued that watching Messi live in MLS games is not the same as having watched him play for FC Barcelona or with Argentina in the World Cup.

“It’s not the same, though. It’s not the same being in MLS… seeing Messi play for Miami is not the same as when he played in Barcelona or when he was at the world stage of the World Cup,” said Kelce.

“Seeing Michael Jordan on a golf course is not the same as seeing Michael Jordan in a [Chicago] Bulls uniform, alright?” he added.

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We’re on the fence with this one, for sure.

Travis Kelce then compared Messi’s transfer to Miami with Zlatan Ibrahimovič’s to LA Galaxy in 2018, saying the current Ballon d’Or winner made MLS fun to watch the past year with “electric” moments, continuing Jason Kelce’s hot take on Messi being in MLS.

“I’m not saying that it sucks he plays in Miami, that’s awesome for MLS and I think it’s great for American soccer.”

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“I just think it’s no where near when he scores a goal for Argentina and the entire country is erupting in cheers because it means more to Argentina than any other [country] on the planet,” said the former Philadelphia Eagles player.

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