Watch: Player accidentally nails two of his teammates in the head during free kick

The Scottish Premiership produced one of the most insane and hilarious bloopers we’ve seen in a professional game in a long time. A Hibs free kick fail during Saturday’s game vs. Rangers saw a player take out two of his teammates.

Australian and Hibernian defender Nectarios Triantis etched himself into YouTube “Biggest football FAILS” lore when he accidentally blasted the ball into a teammate’s head during a free kick five minutes into the game.

Incredibly the ball careened from one Hibs player’s face directly to another. A double kill for Triantis. Somehow the stray wrecking ball wasn’t quite done yet as it returned to its first victim for one last hit.

Hibs free kick fail takes out two teammates

This is a once in a lifetime fail. For this to happen on the professional level makes it even funnier.

The free kick massacre set the tone for the game as Rangers bested Hibs 3-1. The free kick fail had more shots on teammates (3) than Hibs had shots on target against Rangers (1).

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