Not even Alexi Lalas’ biggest haters can dislike his emotional USA vs. England pregame speech

Alexi Lalas is a polarizing character in the U.S. Soccer sphere. Beloved as player but not so much as a pundit, Lalas can rub people the wrong way. Despite this, the Alexi Lalas England pregame speech on FOX before kickoff could make his most vehement haters feel something.

The USA is about to play arguably its biggest men’s soccer game in recent history. This could be a defining moment for the program and Lalas emphasized this before kickoff.

Alexi Lalas England Pregame Speech


Here was Twitter’s reaction.

Let’s go get those Red Coats boys.

Editor's note: So after looking on Twitter it seems that 80% of people actually hated that speech which makes this story look dumb. I think if just about any other pundit said the same words Lalas did then it would have been received better. The hatred for Lalas runs quite deep in the U.S. Soccer sphere.

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