Fallen player comes up with nasty, clever bicycle kick goal while lying on the ground

Every day there's a goal that illuminates our lives. And on Sunday, that light came from Brazil thanks to Léo Reis, who got himself out of a tough spot by scoring a nasty, wonderful bicycle kick while lying on the ground.

1-0 down against Céara in the first leg of the Cearense Championship semifinals, Reis was trying to find an equalizer for his club Iguatu when reaching for an aerial cross, but he ended up on the grass with his back to goal. 

Crazy luck brought the ball near his legs while he was trying to find himself in the world again. But instead of standing up, Reis brought the ball to him with his right leg, lifted it and hit it to score the goal you're now admiring on your screen. 

That's what you call a man with resources. 

The game finished 1-1 and the semifinal's second leg will be played next Saturday, March 18.

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