Jozy Altidore Almost Dies Sipping Coconut-Flavored Electrolit, Then Scores A Fancy, Landmark Goal

American legend Jozy Altidore seems to be rekindling his romance with the goal. The New England Revolution striker is currently on loan with Club Puebla in Liga MX, and there he just scored his second goal of the season during a 1-1 draw vs. Querétaro on Thursday night. 

Sure, Altidore is not a goal machine a la Haaland, but his record with La Franja is very impressive, considering he has only played 75 minutes spread over five games, always coming from the bench. 

Most importantly, scoring the equalizer against Querétaro also hit a landmark: It was Altidore's 200th goal as a pro, counting club and international games. 

Eeeew! Jozy Altidore Drinking Electrolit

But what is more impressive is he did it after almost dying of a sip of coconut-flavored Electrolit during halftime. 


Damián Zamogilny, Xavi Sol and the rest of the TUDN crew broadcasting the match quickly noticed Altidore's reaction after drinking the concoction and laughed about it. 

Yeah, because if you need clarification, Electrolit can taste awful for some people but is not life-threatening.  

Altidore Goal vs. Querétaro

Altidore's contribution to Puebla's draw came in the 75th minute, shortly after subbing on and when the team was 1-0 down and needed him the most. The striker received the ball with his back against the goal, but thanks to the sloppy defending of Jordan Silva, he had enough time to turn and shoot.

Not perfect, but enough to defeat goalkeeper Washington Aguerre. 

In the end, Puebla was close to snatching the three points, but a VAR decision involving Altidore ended up disallowing a last-gasp goal from Maxi Araujo. 

The play was very confusing and had the broadcasters clueless. An inexistent offside and inexistent handball were the main theories to lash out at the ref for not allowing the goal. However, it seems the official was right according to a rule related to walls in a free kick.

Laws of the Game 22-23, The International Football Association Board, Page 114:

"Where three or more defending team players form a 'wall,' all attacking team players must remain at least 1 m (1 yd) from the 'wall' until the ball is in play."

And who wasn't at least 1 yard from the wall? Yep, our old friend Jozy, who surely ended the game with a bad taste in his mouth. And not only because of that horrible coconut-flavored Electrolit. 

Querétaro vs. Puebla highlights

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