Balenciaga Wants $650 Of Your Well-Earned Money For This Frankenstein They Call The Soccer Hood Scarf

There are two things that Balenciaga is constantly looking for: to convey dopeness through its clothes and a big chunk of your money-money. And in search of that goal, the fashion house once again draws inspiration from soccer to present you with a weird hybrid called the hood scarf.

Please, behold:  

I'm not gonna lie. There is a part of me that loves this Spring 2022 creation. The design of this Frankenstein brings to mind the simple beauty of soccer jerseys in the eighties, with their amazing silky, shiny, stripy jacquards. Balenciaga also does a good job of sprinkling in badges and logos. 

But then, at the same time, the rational part of me just can't stand it. Although people need hats and scarves, I don't see a point in having both stitched into one piece of fabric. After staring at it for several minutes, I can't see a reason for its existence. 

And even less when the price tag is $650! No way!

Disclaimer: There is a chance that I'm not cool enough — that I don't get it. And proof of this would be the fact that the soccer hood scarf in red is completely sold out. So if you really, really want it, blue is your only option. 

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