18 Of The Best Ray Hudson Calls Brought To Life

Ray Hudson's Best Calls


17. “Showing him this much space is like handing the keys to the blood bank to Dracula.”


16. “Defenders try to follow him on Facebook and he comes out on Twitter, that’s how evasive he is.”


15. “As electrifying as a hairdryer thrown into a hot tub, my friend.”

14. “He could shave a mouse in his sleep and not disturb her.”


Fantasy Premier League Tips Week 30

Got Fantasy questions? Shoot them our way in the comments. Let's just get the options for you to use your transfer on.

3 Players

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Arsenal):

With Manchester United hosting Liverpool this weekend, there’s some risk going with those clubs’ attacking players. Not so with Arsenal and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

What Is It Like To Watch El Clasico In Barcelona?

By: Casey Rhine

Ohhhh El Clásico, where to begin. One of soccer's most heated, yet most deeply cherished rivalries.Few of you readers get to experience El Clasico, in Barcelona, while it's happening. This was my mission on December 23rd and should be your mission on May 6th if you are not lucky enough to go to the game in the Camp Nou.

Watch The Gregg Berhalter Halftime Speech That Saved Him From Getting The Axe

With the USMNT’s back very much up against the Olimpico Metropolitano Stadium walls on Sept. 8, something needed to change, quickly. The Gregg Berhalter halftime speech vs. Honduras was just what the squad needed, combining tactical tweaks with positive motivation. 

The result? A 4-1 come-from-behind victory over Honduras to save the U.S. from a dismal start to World Cup qualifying and potentially save Berhalter’s job.

Jugadores Del Tri Opinan En El Debate Que Divide Al País: ¿Quesadillas Con Queso O Sin Queso?

La llegada de septiembre, mes de las fiestas de independencia, ha reflotado un tópico controversial en los campos culinarios de México: ¿la quesadilla va con queso o sin queso?

Sí, para el lector ajeno a las costumbres mexicanas la pregunta puede parecer una broma. QUESAdilla, QUESO, ¿cómo no va a tener queso? Sin embargo, no es un chiste. El dilema es profundo e implica hasta divisiones geodemográficas, patentes en varias áreas de la sociedad local, incluyendo el seno del Tri.