Piqué Admite Que Su Relación Con Guardiola Empeoró Cuando Comenzó A Salir Con Shakira

Gerard Piqué reveló en una entrevista que su relación con Pep Guardiola se resintió en el Barcelona cuando empezó a salir con la cantante colombiana Shakira. El defensa agregó que el deseo del entrenador español de "controlarlo todo" incluso casi le obligó a abandonar el Camp Nou.

Sam Kerr And Kristie Mewis Share More Than Just A Good Sportsmanship Moment

There's no doubt that footballers create a special connection with each other since there's such a strong bond between two people that understand the game and everything it entails. It's no secret that many professional women’s players are dating teammates or even opponents. The most recent rumored couple that had fans wondering if they're official or not was the relationship status between Sam Kerr and Kristie Mewis. 

Mexican National Team Players Prove Olympic ‘Anti-Sex’ Beds Can Handle A Lusty Olympic Boink

The idea of sex in the Olympic village was taboo for a while but is now a well-known occurrence. When news spread that this year's Olympic beds were partly made of cardboard, rumors spread that this was imposed to discourage athletes from doing the dirty. Several athletes and players from Mexico’s Olympic soccer squad have debunked the Olympic anti-sex bed rumors. The Mexico national team Olympic bed video has since gone viral.

Marcos Llorente Just Raised The Bar For Marriage Proposals Into The Stratosphere

Atlético Madrid and Spanish star Marcos Llorente is going to be a married man. Llorente divised a master plan to pull off one of the greatest marriage proposals ever. I’ll be thinking of this Marcos Llorente marriage proposal for some time to come.

¡Aaaaw! El Campeón Messi Se Reencuentra Con Antonela, El Amor De Su Vida, 40 Días Después

Argentina está de regreso a casa, con el trofeo de la Copa América en el equipaje. Después de más de 40 días de concentración, lo primero que hicieron los jugadores de la Albiceleste fue reencontrarse con sus familias. La reunión más mediática, obviamente, se produjo en Rosario, donde Antonela Roccuzzo saltó para abrazar y besar al héroe de esta gesta, su esposo, Lionel Messi.

These Footballers Are Sharing Their Most Gut-Wrenching Fails, And Even We Are Feeling The Shame

It was a foggy Saturday morning soccer match and I was defending the goal spectating the action going on the field. I had stopped a few shots earlier in the match and my confidence was quickly rising. Thoughts raced through my head, realizing that I was about to officially record my first clean sheet of the season. Then as clear as day the ball was passed to me, and as I went to stop it with my foot it slowly but surely skipped right below my outstretched foot and into the awaiting net behind me.

Christian Pulisic's Love Life Is A Mystery

As Christian Pulisic takes over Europe with his dashing smile and unstoppable skills on the pitch, you will be surprised to hear that nobody has locked down this young American star. Similar to the way Pulisic has his way with defenders, the young American star should have his options for potential love. He has proved to look sleek with a scruffy beard for the winter to cuddle up with and looks just as nice with it shaved off — how is this soccer star single?

5 Thoughts Every Youth Soccer Parent Has Had While Watching Their Kid Play

The majority of youth soccer parents support their children to the ends of the Earth. Seeing your child score their first goal or make a great save is an indescribable feeling. That being said, there are still moments when you really wish you could be anywhere else than a U-11 boys soccer game.

Unless waking up at the crack of dawn to drive two hours and sit in a field full of goose shit is your kink, being a youth soccer parent can be a pain sometimes.

Here are five thoughts that youth soccer parents have had that they definitely won’t tell their children about.