North Macedonia Gets Cone Of Shame After Obscure Training Routine

Looking at North Macedonia's obscure warmups heading into its match against Ukraine, there is no surprise it later lost. As fun as it looked, with the players racing up the pitch and passing the ball between each other using upturned cones, it didn't seem like the appropriate warmup for the Euro 2020 Group C match on Thursday. 

Ojo, México: Takefusa Kubo Marcó Con Un Cuádruple Túnel En La Goleada De Japón Sobre Jamaica

La selección de Japón goleó 4-0 a Jamaica en un duelo de preparación para los Juegos Olímpicos, donde compartirá grupo con México. El triunfo fue liderado Takefusa Kubo, quien marcó el primer gol del partido, en una jugada que incluyó un cuádruple túnel.

Kubo, el mismo jugador que alguna bautizaron como el "Messi Japonés" y que hoy pertenece a los registros del Real Madrid, aunque la última temporada la pasó a préstamos entre el Villarral y el Getafe.

Ronaldo’s Favorite Video Is The One That Shows Him Performing 256 Nutmegs

When attempting to explain what made Ronaldo “O Fenômeno” ("The Phenomenon”), we usually like to focus on the frightening mixture of pace, technique and composure that added up to 15 World Cup goals and a career total of 309, of which 11% were scored after rounding the keeper.

The Best 1v1 Moves In Soccer

The Best 1v1 Moves

There are few feelings better in the soccer world, and dare I say world at large, than cruising by an opposing player with a nifty piece of footwork. Obviously, 1v1 moves are extremely dependent on the situation you’re in - you can’t expect a singular go-to move to take you by a defender regardless of where you are on the field and what’s happening around you. Speed and acceleration play a huge role in the proper execution of these moves, so keep that in mind.