The Best Cheap Players For FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

For this edition of FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, it is not so difficult to have a competitive team spending just a few coins. Frankly, it is enough to have the ball in the area and make a powerful cross-shot to succeed. Whatever players you have in this game system, shooting with power is almost a guaranteed goal. However, you can't have a team with players who can't control the ball well or make a good pass.

The 3-Step Process To Make Your Funny FIFA 21 Clips Go Viral

Funny FIFA 21 clips are one of the few things that will get me across the god-forsaken finish line of 2020.

Every young FIFA player has dreamed of becoming a famous FIFA player via YouTube, Twitch, etc., but only the tiniest sliver of players actually make it big and become celebrities of the video game. I can’t guarantee you stardom, otherwise I would already be doing that. What I can offer is an easy three-step guide to get as many people as possible to view your funny FIFA 21 clips.

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Tips — What Is The Best Formation?

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team is here and it has a different game system than its predecessor. It’s definitely more focused on strategy than speed. In order to succeed, you must have a crystal-clear game plan to execute. We have tried many different formations and here are the Top 5 that we recommend you to use and perfect the game plan.

Best Formation FIFA 21 FUT


FIFA 21 Lets You Design, Build And Upgrade Your Own Stadium

EA Sports released a new trailer on Monday detailing the latest Ultimate Team developments for FIFA 21, which is slated for release on October 6. 

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is the wildly popular game mode that combines collectible card game elements (used to build your own squad) with the traditional FIFA gameplay, and EA Sports traditionally spends a large portion of its time between released working on this cash cow.

Fortunately for FUT fans, there’s a lot to like about what’s promised in FIFA 21. 

FIFA 21 Player Ratings: Who’s Moving Up And Who’s Getting Nerfed

FIFA 21 is coming. The annual release date has been somewhat effected by EVENTS — the usual late September holiday being pushed back to Oct. 6 — but we already know the cover star (Kylian Mbappé), the trailer has been released and we’ll see the first official gameplay footage on Tuesday. The biggest talking point remaining is the notorious FIFA 21 player ratings. 

Your Inside Guide To The Best Teams To Use In FIFA 21 Career Mode

EA Sports released the trailer for FIFA 21 on July 23, and while it will probably only have better graphics and some new, unnecessary feature, you degenerates out there — who am I kidding? — us degenerates out there will be buying the game come its official release Oct. 6.

Four 24-Year-Old Hackers Brought Down By The FBI After Making $16 Million On FIFA

Nick Castellucci, Ricky Miller, Eaton Zveare and Anthony Clark, all 24, must’ve known things had gotten a little out of control when they began buying Audi A3s and Ford Explorers while their bank accounts showed that they’d become multi-millionaires.

One imagines the fright that Peter Gibbons, Samir Nagheenanajar and Michael Bolton felt in Office Space upon discovering a bug in their code that had inadvertently stolen way too much money from their company in only a few days.