Arruinando La Sorpresa: Periodista Publica Foto De Sus Hijos Con El Nuevo Jersey De La Selección Mexicana

El reconocido periodista León Krauze anduvo arruinando esta tarde los planes que tenían la FMF y adidas para el lanzamiento del jersey que usará la selección mexicana durante el Mundial de Catar 2022, luego de publicar una fotografía de sus hijos vistiendo la nueva playera.

No Más Negro Y Rosa: ¿Cuándo Se Estrena El Nuevo Jersey De La Selección Mexicana?

El desabrido empate ante Jamaica significó el fin de una era en la selección mexicana. No la del Tata Martino, como muchos quisieran, pero de una que la gente igual venía pidiendo a gritos: la del Tri jugando sin su tradicional playera verde.

Según los registros estadísticos, el Tri encadenó un total de 59 partidos vistiendo de blanco o de negro y rosa, los uniformes alternativos del ciclo 2020-22.

The Jersey Report: Inter Miami Goes Underwater To Show MLS New Eco-Friendly Jerseys

Another week, another batch of cool jerseys dropped in the soccer world for the 2022-23 season. And wow, what a week!

There is no doubt that Inter Miami's underwater stunt to unveil the new MLS eco-friendly jerseys is an effort that stands out in the crowd. However, many other jaw-dropping releases were worthy of applause, starting with Nike Women's 2022 Euro kits and the stunning job from Italian brand Erreà with eight European national teams. 

With no further ados, here's the most exciting jersey news of the past seven days.

The Jersey Report: Arsenal Brings The Coolest Drop Of The Week

Another week, another batch of cool jerseys dropped in the soccer world for the 2022-23 season. 

Adidas had a tremendous last seven days thanks to its magnificent work along with Arsenal and Real Madrid. Puma didn't fall short either with a solid design for Manchester City.

But they were not the only ones with new outfits. Here is our review of the most relevant kit releases between May 13-20, 2022.

The Jersey Report No. 2: What In Hell Is Juventus Wearing Next Season?

Wacky, wacky, what a wacky jersey Juventus has dropped for the 2022-23 season. Eye-sored? Yeah, me too. 

But the Vecchia Signora is not the only team with a new look. Here is a roundup of the most relevant releases around the world. 

Juventus 2022-23 Home Jersey

Of course, we have to start with Juve and its new stripes. What were they thinking? 

The Jersey Report: Liverpool, Bayern Munich And Other Cool Drops For 2022-23 Season

Yes, it is that time of the year. The 2021-22 season is still rolling, but we are already starting to see some of the jerseys you are going to love — or hate — during the 2022-23 campaign.

Liverpool and Bayern Munich were two big European clubs unveiling their new home kits, but Werder Bremen and a few teams from South America also shared some fabulous polyester goodies. 

Of course, you want to see them, so take my hand — or don't — and join me in this adventure.

Liverpool 2022-23 Home Jersey

Pump up music: check.

Nightclub lighting: check. 

Adidas Drops Women's Euro 2022 Kits At The Original Site Of ‘Girl Power’

Adidas has released jerseys for its five competing nations at the upcoming UEFA Women's Euro 2022 tournament in England with images coming from London's St Pancras Renaissance Hotel. If you were severely afflicted with Spice Mania, then you'll recognize the scene from the "Wannabe" music video — a seminal banger from the Spice Girls that reached No. 1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and brought "zigazig ah" into our collective conscious. 

Should we look at the jerseys or watch the music video first? Let's put on the music video and then scroll through the jerseys.