USWNT Forward Jessica McDonald Was Reunited With Her Son In France And It Was Beautiful

After watching Jessica McDonald’s story from the USWNT 23 stories, we learned what motivates her to pursue her dream of playing professionally. Her mother had her and her brother right out of high school and struggled to give them the life they deserved, so she ended up being raised by her grandmother.

McDonald too had her 7-year-old son, Jeremiah, at a young age but has managed to balance her life as a professional athlete as well as being a mother. Her son has been by her side through her entire journey. As a 7-year-old he is at an age where he understands that his mother is a professional athlete and with that comes moving around, not as much time with his mother and bragging rights that his mom is a professional soccer player, which definitely makes him one of the coolest kids in the first grade. 

Having a child comes with its difficulties as a mother and McDonald struggled with doubts over whether she should throw in the towel to focus on her family rather than her career. Until she received the call-up for the Women's World Cup roster. 

McDonald’s motivation to continue her career was because of her son. She prides herself on being a role model for him and to show that even when times get tough you should never give up. Her story is one to which I am sure many people can relate.

As McDonald is about to play in the quarterfinals of the FIFA Women’s World Cup, reuniting with her sole reason to continue playing was a special moment for her. 


Jessica McDonald may not see the field as much as she may like, but her career and example she is setting for her son will show him and others following her story that it is important to follow your dreams no matter how difficult times may be. And the excitement shown by Jeremiah and Jessica reuniting shows that she is doing a pretty good job. 


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