United Women’s Soccer Announces New Professional Women’s League In The U.S.

The National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) is currently the only professional women’s league in the United States, but not for long.

The United Women’s Soccer organization (UWS) is a pro-amateur women’s league that allows former and current college players to stay in top shape and continue to play competitively against the best of the best in the off-season. This past week, the National Independent Soccer Association (NISA) announced its partnership with the UWS to advance the opportunities for top-level players.

Predicted to launch in 2022, the UWS and NISA will team up and move this pro-amateur league to fully professional. As there are still huge gaps between the men's and women’s sides of the game, NISA has decided to close the gap between the college and professional side for women. By adding another professional league in the U.S., it will provide so many more opportunities for those that don't get chosen in the NWSL draft.

The men’s side has several different leagues where they can pursue their dreams and enhance their game, whereas the female side is not as fortunate. 

The UWS is comprised of teams in U.S. and Canada, and the talent these players bring to the league is not far off from the NWSL. There has never been two professional women’s leagues in the United States at the same time before, so the addition of the professional side of the UWS will be huge for female players.

As the NWSL is growing and becoming a well-structured league, why not add another pro league where NWSL eligible players can get some minutes instead of having to go abroad?

The effort to progress with the new women’s league will be managed by a Chicago-based consulting firm, Club 9 Sports, Inc. This will be a massive opportunity for players looking to continue playing after college and just goes to show the female game is indeed growing in the U.S.

Several UWS alumnae have signed professional contracts already in the five years the league has been active. As a former UWS player, this is very exciting news that female players will have more opportunities to play professionally. 

Looking forward to more announcements in the coming weeks. 

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