Stevie G Wants Kids To Stay In School

Steven Gerrard talked to some LA Galaxy academy players about predictable things like how staying in school is good and unpredictable things like how he wishes he was a bit brighter.

Steven Gerrard would like for you to stay in school, because you probably won't make it as a professional footballer. 

At least, that's the message we got from watching this video of Gerrard addressing youth players at the LA Galaxy academy. And, as much as it might seem pessimistic or condescending from a player who's been to the top of the footballing world, it's true. Most players, even if they play for the academy of a professional team, aren't going to make a serious living out of this and live in $45,000-per-month houses like Steven Gerrard, so they need to take school seriously.

Gerrard has been on a revealing-candid-things tear since he left Liverpool, and he admitted he wishes he had taken school more seriously, maybe learned another language. 

Stevie has a point, knowledge is power and something that should be acquired whenever possible, but can those nerds who can speak like eight languages and do math and stuff do this?

Didn't think so. (Seriously though stay in school kids)

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