Sporting Kansas City Made A Rose Ceremony Video Because The MLS Is Weird

Before the MLS clash between the Portland Timbers and Sporting Kansas City, Sporting had a rose ceremony to determine who would be left out of the travel squad.

A rose ceremony is a thing in certain Americcan reality TV shows in which a hunky rich guy gives flowers to hot girls, save one, in order to narrow them down to one special hot girl whom he will eventually divorce and everyone will totally see it coming.

Sporting Kansas City, either because the players anc coaching staff have way too much time on their hands, or the marketing department has too much time on its hands, or MLS forced them to do something quirky and likeable to promote the brand, held a rose ceremony to decide which players would not be traveling to Portland for Sporting's game against the Timbers Wednesday. 

The match ended on a 0-0 draw, which made the rose ceremony the most exciting/suspensedul part of the match. Tge outcome of the rose ceremony was never in doubt because one of the players, defender Ike Opara, has a busted achilles and therefore would not be part of the travel squad unless Peter Vermes wanted to ensure Opara never plays soccer again.

But, we have to give Sporting KC credit for at least trying to liven things up. A better way to do that , though, would be to stop playing in games that end in 0-0 ties.

(H/T FOX Soccer)

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