Raúl Jiménez Must Have Broken Some Sort Of Record With Two Yellow Cards In 30 Seconds

Manchester City defeated Wolverhampton 1-0 on Saturday in a game that featured 10 heroic Wolves and one silly boy named Raúl Jiménez. The Mexican striker managed to get himself sent off moments before halftime with two yellow cards in 31 seconds. The Jiménez yellow cards vs Man City must be some sort of record.

Raúl Jiménez Yellow Cards vs Man City

Jiménez also gets the title of the first Mexican player to receive a red card in the Premier League. The internet was quick to capitalize on Jiménez’s sending off

"Wanna see me do it again?"

Was Jiménez stupid for doing this? Absolutely. Was the red card necessary? Debatable.

Not everyone was pleased with referee Jonathan Moss’ decision to show Jiménez two yellow cards for his actions. Some felt the choice to send the striker off so early into the game was unwarranted.

Wolves held on for 20 minutes in the second half until Raheem Sterling converted a penalty that would turn out to be the game’s only goal.

A 1-0 defeat isn’t too bad for Wolves given the situation that Jiménez left the team a man short for the entire second half.

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