Ferencváros Player Scores On Juventus, Pulls Out Ronaldo Celly — You Can Guess What Happened Next

Myrto Uzuni either mocked or paid homage to Ronaldo on his home turf.

Hungarian club Ferencváros took a surprise lead over Italian giant Juventus 20 minutes into their Champions League Group G match. The goal scorer, Myrto Uzuni, celebrated by pulling out Cristiano Ronaldo’s iconic Sii celebration. You can probably guess what happened next.

Uzuni, a 25-year-old Albania international, may never get to play against Ronaldo again. He took full advantage of the opportunity to either taunt or pay homage to the Portuguese legend after scoring in the 19th minute.

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Ronaldo no doubt took note of the celebration because he became even more determined to score the next goal. 

After having one goal called out for offside, Ronaldo came through with the equalizer in the 35th minute.

This time, however, Ronaldo barely celebrated beyond raising his arms. He did the FIFA version of holding R1+L1 to skip immediately to the kickoff without need for replay or celebration. A teammate picked the ball out of the net and they were ready to get back to playing.

At the half, the teams were level 1-1. 

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