Soccer Becomes Secondary As Christian Eriksen Collapses During Euro 2020 Match

The Denmark-Finland match screeched to a terrifying halt on Saturday as Danish star Christian Eriksen collapsed to the pitch, eyes agape just before halftime. The Inter Milan playmaker’s teammates immediately surrounded him to block views as chest compressions were performed, with players and fans alike visibly shaken.

UEFA announced the suspension of the match shortly before Eriksen was carried off the field, white sheets obscuring the view of Eriksen on a medical stretcher. The score was 0-0, but soccer was secondary.

Eriksen began collapsing as a throw-in was tossed to him in the attacking third. The ball deflected off him as he fell to the pitch. It was unclear what may have preempted the fall; moments earlier Eriksen made a run into the box and no contact was made with any other players.

Medical staff reacted quickly to tend to Eriksen, performing CPR as his teammates surrounded him to block cameras. No update on what caused the collapse or Eriksen’s current condition has been made public. 

Denmark goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel could be seen consoling Eriksen’s longtime girlfriend Sabrina Kvist Jensen, mother of their two young children. 

Eriksen appeared to be conscious as he was carted off the field.

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UEFA released the following statement saying Eriksen was taken to the hospital and stabilized. Not long later, the Danish FA announced Eriksen was awake and undergoing tests at the hospital.

UEFA later announced the Denmark-Finland match would be resumed later on Saturday.

After players on both teams locked arms together, the match resumed with the final minutes of the first half before a shortened, five-minute halftime. Eriksen reportedly spoke to his teammates by phone from the hospital before the game resumed. 

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Finland took one shot all match but it was a game winner as Joel Pohjanpalo netted the winner in the 59th minute in a stunning 1-0 upset of No. 10 Denmark. It was a first-ever appearance at a major international tournament for Finland, ranked No. 54 in the world. 

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