Cádiz Keeper Hailed As Hero After Running Defibrillator To Fan Suffering Heart Attack

A stoppage in the Barcelona-Cádiz match saw the Cádiz keeper sprint a defibrillator across the pitch to the stands where a fan was suffering heart issues. The match was suspended, and players were sent to the locker room in the 82nd minute with Barcelona leading.

According to reports, a Barcelona doctor ran to the stands to tend to the fan in distress. The Cádiz goalkeeper, Jeremías Conan Ledesma, then stepped into action, sprinting to bring a defibrillator to the fans. Additionally, Cádiz player José Mari helped bring a stretcher across the field. 

Cádiz-Barcelona Stoppage — Keeper Delivers Defibrillator

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According to reports, a fan suffered heart attack, received CPR and was taken to a local hospital, forcing a lengthy delay. Latest reports say the fan is now in stable condition. Additionally, a camera man reportedly fainted. Despite the delay, LaLiga ruled the match would be completed, and players eventually returned to the pitch. 

Once the match resumed, Barcelona scored twice more to close out a 4-0 victory through goals from Frenkie de Jong, Robert Lewandowski, Ansu Fati and Ousmane Dembélé.

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