Vissel Kobe’s Yuya Osako misses penalty kick by 10 yards then responds with free kick golazo

Vissel Kobe striker Yuya Osako provided a prime example of why you keep fighting and don’t get down on yourself.

In a J1 League match against FC Tokyo on Saturday the reigning league MVP started the game with a blooper for the ages. In the sixth minute Vissel Kobe were awarded a penalty kick and Osako stepped up to take the kick.

The 33-year-old scored 24 goals last season and looked poised to score his first of the season. Disaster struck on his run up as he slipped at the vital moment and missed the goal by a mile.

Yuya Osako penalty miss

The horror!

Some players might get down on themselves and lose their poise after an error that bad. Not Osako.

With the score tied 1-1 late in the second half, Osako stepped up to take a free kick just outside the box. Surely the penalty mistake lingered on his mind, but he stepped up and delivered a perfect strike into the upper 90.

Yuya Osako free kick goal


Vissel Kobe held on the secure the 2-1 victory with Osako as the big hero. Remember kids, everyone makes mistake, but only the best players keep fighting after those mistakes.

Amazing stuff from Osako.

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