"Terrifying to watch" — Weather and pitch conditions for USWNT-Canada cause wave of reactions on social media

The USWNT and Canada faced off in the Women’s Gold Cup semifinals this Wednesday, promising an entertaining match of soccer between two of the best women’s national teams in the world… ruined by the state of the weather, pitch and for many fans, by Concacaf’s poor lack of judgement.

A rain-filled evening in San Diego, plus a worn-down pitch at Snapdragon Stadium following the match between Mexico and Brazil prior to the bout between the U.S. and Canada, sentenced both national teams to a field that was inarguably not in conditions to conduct a professional soccer match.

Puddles the size of Texas, inability to make ground passes, players kicking water instead of the ball and the state of the pitch directly affecting the scoreboard.


The organizers of the tournament, better known as Concacaf, clearly made a mistake letting this game go on and fans on social media, unhappy with their decision, didn’t hold back on their criticisms.

Social media reactions to extremely poor playing conditions in USWNT-Canada at W Gold Cup

You have just been Concacaf’d, Gold Cup fans.

The drenched fans present in the stadium and those watching the match at home showed their mortification after witnessing the horrid conditions in which both national teams were forced to play in, throwing all game tactics out the window and most importantly, placing the players’ physical integrity at risk.

“Ridiculous” “Painful to watch” “Terryfying” and “Disgrace” were some of the words by fans to describe the match.

About as normal as a Concacaf match gets, am I right?

Ironically, though, USWNT and company will get their “pitch-rematch” for their upcoming game in the tournament. After defeating Canada and advancing to the final, the U.S. women's national team will now have to face off against CONMBEOL's Brazil this Sunday at Snapdragon Stadium (a hopefully dry and healthy one).

Now, let’s just hope the end result of the match is the same, rain or shine.

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